American Association of University Women gather

Barb Duran (Wyandotte), Sheila Blair (Southgate), Lynn Strain (Grosse Ile), Diana Mente.

The Wyandotte-Downriver branch of the American Association of University Women gathered recently to mark the holiday season at the Salute Special Event banquet hall in Flat Rock.  

New members Nancy Rouble, Marsha Bardoni, Ann Richardson, Barb Duran, and Barb Conroy were welcomed and those celebrating 50 years of membership, including Donna McLaughlin-Shuereb, Ruth Briggs and Corinne Worden, were honored.  

Not in attendance were new members Karla Krahnke and Jeanine Little, and 50-year member Lucille Dokken.

Featured were a buffet dinner, a silent auction and a collection of an impressive assortment of personal hygiene items to donate to Mimi’s Mission, this being a tradition since 2016, when its founder, Lisa Vilella, was recognized by the Branch as Woman of the Year.

Jean Carnahan (Wyandotte), Mary Sue Sickafus (Grosse Ile), Carol Person (Grosse Ile), Marsha Bardoni (Grosse Ile) and Jenny Macoit (RIverview).

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