Art Fair fills our streets with excitement, passion

Photo by Larry Caruso.

– Wyandotte Warrior

Wyandotte’s Street Art Fair brings together many people, all seeking an aspect of art to be immersed in and the good energies that surround them. 

Artists from as far as Florida and the East Coast come to share their art and passion for what they create. Whether it be fine art, fine crafts, noble metal, children’s art or just fun items, there is something to excite everyone.

As a fine artist and a member of the Art Fair Committee with a studio at River’s Edge Gallery, I am able to meet new patrons from far and wide.

People from near and far fill our streets with enthusiasm, making memories, reuniting with friends and, of course, indulging in their favorite food and once-a-year special treats. Our restaurants are filled with people enjoying great food as well as visiting our specialty clothing stores like Willow Tree and Chelsea. 

Then, of course, there is the music each evening on the river, which tops off the day with dancing to bands with favorite playlists.

The art fair is a great Wyandotte tradition, bringing art to all people, fostering new appreciation of art and helping them find personal treasures. It is also a time to make memories with family, reacquaint yourself with old friends, and be free to enjoy four days of creative fun and discovery. 

We are so fortunate to hold the art fair each year. And we have plans to make it even better next year!

Here’s to the Wyandotte Street Art Fair and all the excitement it brings to the visitors and our city!

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