I have come to enjoy quiet holidays with nearby family

Gail Albin 

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have often been celebrated on an alternate day in my family.  Being a registered nurse, I often worked my share of the holidays.

Usually the head nurse would make sure that the workers worked some holidays but not all. There was rotation, we all understood that the hospital couldn’t just shut down for a holiday. 

I didn’t mind working on a holiday. I made more money and didn’t have to prepare a big meal and entertain all day and evening. We knew that the holiday can always be celebrated on an alternate day. 

Even now that I have been retired for over 20 years, I tell my family to spend their holidays with their in-laws. We will always be able to have a nice celebration even after the big holiday.  

I want my grandkids to get to know all of their cousins, aunts and uncles. Often it is more calm and relaxing to celebrate on the Sunday before or even after the main holiday. 

I don’t go out and buy gifts for the kids and grandkids. I am not sure what they would like. I imagine in many families the wonderful piece of clothing that all seem to love ended up in the bottom drawer or back of the closet never to be seen again.  

Yes, I give my three kids and their families a check.  

Frank and family live in San Jose, CA.,  Tom and family live in Minneapolis, MN. and  Jane and family live close to where I live. 

I mail the out-of-town check to the parents of my grandkids. The local branch of the family comes to my condo, usually not on the actual holiday. I make them work for their check. I hide it and give them a list of hard clues. This takes up enough time, that hopefully they feel like it is a fun holiday. 

My teen granddaughter knows where the check is hidden and she runs the gift hunt. 

We have a nice meal and then usually play euchre for quite a while. I know, it is a very quiet holiday compared to many other families. It is what we do and expect to do in the future.

The best Christmas gift for me is to have peace and love among all my family. I don’t need to unwrap a gift and try to find a place to store it. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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