Residents elect new Mayor, City Council

Mayor Rob DeSana is sworn in. Photo courtesy City of Wyandotte

On May 7, the voters of Wyandotte went to the polls and elected a new mayor and a new City Council.

Rob DeSana, who was the highest council vote-getter in the last election and was therefore the mayor pro tem, was picked to be the new Mayor. As mayor pro tem, DeSana had been performing the Mayor’s duties without the title since Mayor Joe Peterson’s passing last fall.

DeSana beat resident Frank Tarnowski for the position. DeSana received 2,874 to 1,775 for Tarnowski.

Wyandotte voters also seated six council members, two of them incumbents. Returning to council are Chris Calvin, who received 2,357 votes and Robert Alderman, who received 2,223.

The top city council vote getter was newcomer Kelly Stec, 27, who received more votes than anyone with 3,144. As the highest vote-getter, she will likely become mayor pro tem.

“I’m excited to see what comes next and ready to listen to what residents want and need from their local government,” said Stec.

Also earning seats on the council were Todd Hanna, with 2,669 votes, Rose Shuryan with 2,359 votes and Kaylin Crayne with 2,024 votes.

There were 11 candidates in the race and the five who fell short were Richard Szymcuk, Michale Izbicki, Nick Beavin, Don Schultz and Eric Andrew Dodson.

Schultz was the only incumbent who lost his seat.

In unopposed races, City Assessor Theodore Galeski, Treasurer Todd Browning and City Clerk Larry Stec were returned to office. 

Stec is the father of Kelly Stec. He is a former City Councilman, mayor pro tem and Mayor.

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