Salvation Army Bell Ringer Locations Downriver

Big Lots
14155 Eureka Road, Southgate
23351 Eureka Road, Taylor

Hobby Lobby
23865 Eureka Road, Taylor

JC Penney
23000 Eureka Road, Taylor

2060 Dix, Lincoln Park
20645 Gibraltar Road, Brownstown
23849 West Road, Brownstown
7000 Monroe, Taylor
8999 Macomb, Grosse Ile
16075 Fort Street, Southgate

23000 Eureka Road, Taylor

Sam’s Club
15700 Northline Road, Southgate

Salvation Army
3004 Van Horn, Trenton
Trentwood Farms
11055 Allen Road, Southgate

15009 Telegraph Road, Taylor
1700 West Road, Trenton
17071 Fort Street, Riverview
1765 Fort Street, Lincoln Park
20030 Ecorse Road, Taylor
20090 Goddard Road, Taylor
23007 Telegraph Road, Brownstown
3221 Fort Street, Wyandotte
9100 Telegraph Road, Taylor

14900 Dix Toledo, Southgate
23800 Allen Road, Woodhaven
7555 Telegraph Road, Taylor
West Grange Pharmacy
3390 West Road, Trenton

There are also dozens of collection sites on counters at places throughout the region.

To register as a bell ringer,
visit the website

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