‘Scooter Squad’ rolls around the Downriver area

Three members of the Scooter Squad brought their favorite brand of transportation and source of much joy to Taylor’s Heritage Park. Marnie Burke of Wyandotte, daughter Hailey Schnarr of Lincoln Park and “bestie” Chrissy Close of Southgate turn heads and put smiles on the faces of onlookers. Photo by Dave Gorgon


Five Downriver women have chosen Segway scooters as their favorite mode of transportation and source of much joy to form the “Scooter Squad.”

 The group includes Marnie Burke of Wyandotte, daughters Hailey Schnarr and Morgan Burke, best friend Chrissy Close of Southgate and her daughter Zoey Rose.

The quintet – or various combinations of the group – are seen riding in Bishop Park in Wyandotte, Downtown Detroit and points in between. They draw smiles from onlookers along with questions of “where can I get one?” and “do they rent those in the park?”

The electric-powered scooters can go 40 miles round trip on a single charge and can reach speeds of 19 miles per hour.

Marnie said she and her boyfriend were in Downtown Detroit when they saw a young person riding a Segway. They got so excited that they bought their own from Facebook Marketplace.

Once the latest version came out – the Segway Ninebot MAX – they upgraded, buying four for $799 apiece from Amazon.

Chrissy, who used to live next door to Marnie, liked the latest version, so her boyfriend bought two Segways as well.

The Scooter Squad was born.

“Once we get together, it’s so nice to roll around,” Chrissy said. “We like our accessories, too. It’s so much fun!”

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