The Tin Can Tourists are on their way to Wyandotte

The Tin Can Tourists (TCT), an all-model vintage camping club, is coming to Wyandotte this month and you and your family are invited to come out and visit with the owners and see their old-time camping vehicles.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the club and the TCT will kick off its Michigan centennial celebrations in Wyandotte as 38 vintage and classic trailers and motorhomes will be on display and open to the public during downtown Wyandotte’s Special Interest Friday Evening Event – April 26th from 5–9 p.m. The campers will be parked in the Theater Lot, Elm and 1st Street, and tours are free to the public.

Tin Can Tourists is the oldest trailer and motor coach club in the country. This historic club, once the domain of travelers in the early 1920’s who drove Model T Fords and tented along the sides of America’s two-lane roads, represents the very beginnings of our nations $13 billion dollar recreational vehicle industry. 

To celebrate its 100th Year, the TCT will hold rallies, caravans, and special events across America in many places where the Club’s members historically traveled, always following the guiding principles of clean camps, friendliness, decent behavior, and enjoying plenty of wholesome entertainment. 

The group, originally known for the distinctive TCT logo, has grown throughout the past century and now boasts over 2,000 club members and over 40,000 Facebook followers.

Among the more than three dozen vintage campers expected on Wyandotte are a 1935 Bowlus,as well as two campers from the 1940s and half-dozen pre-1960 models.

“Each one is a beautiful example of America’s love affair with the emerging concept of leisure time, family vacations, and freedom on the open road,” said Forest Bone, the club’s national president.

According to John Truitt, host of the Wyandotte camp-out:  “Whether you’re looking to enjoy classic camping in a smaller more efficient space or just want to bask in the nostalgic glow of past family vacations you will enjoy this event.” 

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