Want a tip for the New year? Just PSA

Happy New Year! 

Gail Albin

If any readers are like I am, they start the new year with all kinds of good intentions. We will finish projects and not start a new project until all others are finished. 

And the best way to get and stay organized is PSA. PSA in this case stands for “Put Stuff Away.” It is a rule I –  and others – need to follow more closely.

I live alone and I truly like for my condo to be orderly. I don’t want to waste time searching for the special scissors when I am minutes away from finishing my project. 

Where is that special recipe that I intend to take to the senior meeting and try to make people think I know how to cook? How can I have so many recipes and still eat the same bland menu day after day?

If I spent less time searching for items, I would have more time to call or write to a homebound friend that I no longer can visit. 

One recent day, I put all items that needed to be put away in a big roaster pan and at the end of the day before I sat down to crochet sleeping mats for the homeless and watch TV. I walked around and put the items from the pan where they belonged.  

I felt more relaxed knowing all items were where they were meant to be … at least on that evening. 

It is as easy as PSA.

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