World renowned sailor, shares knowledge at GIYC

David Dellenbaugh

On Sunday March 8, charitable Grosse Ile Community Sailing Foundation sponsored a sailboat racing seminar held at Grosse Ile Yacht Club.

The world renowned sailor David Dellenbaugh of America’s Cup fame and Lightning and Thistle World champion flew in from the east coast to conduct the informative seminars.  

There were 72 attendees from all around southeast Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario, and one sailor from Tennessee. Thirteen of the attendees were junior sailors from Grosse Ile and North Cape Yacht Clubs. All those who attended were very appreciative of the GICSF’s efforts to put on the full day of sail racing seminars by this fascinating speaker.

The morning session dealt with the finer points of the rules of sailboat racing. Concepts were illustrated by excellent drone footage of starts and mark roundings in large fleets and informative graphic illustrations.   

The afternoon session dealt with how to increase racing success by achieving better boat speed, using the wind more efficiently, better communication of crew members, and fine tuning of the sails.  

All who attended came away with constructive ways to find more success on the racecourse.

The Grosse Ile Community Sailing Foundation was formed to promote sailing as a recreational activity in the local community through adult and junior learn-to-sail programs, education about sailing through clinics and seminars, and fostering competition by supporting and hosting regattas.   

Over the past eight years the foundation has partnered with the Grosse Ile Yacht Club to provide thousands of dollars of assistance to their junior sailing program providing sailboats, sails, safety boats, and instructor certification.  Their other activities include hosting the David Dellenbaugh seminars.  

The group has also given grants for race start timer systems for local racing organizations, and supported junior sailors in attending regattas around the country.  Recently they helped send a team of successful high school lady sailors to a national regatta in California.

You can learn more about the organization, or make a tax deductible donation at their website

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