You can’t say it enough: Be careful out there

Eye protection can save pain, injury and a trip to the emergency room.

Gail Albin
– Wyandotte Warrior

The biggest regret of my life has been ruining my skin when I was young by sunbathing too long and too frequently.

I went to nursing school at Washington University in Saint Louis, MO. That area is known for very hot summers. I would go up on a 10 story rooftop of a dormitory building along with many others who may have the same regrets. We would spend quite a long time in the sun when we had some free daytime.   

I remember we used baby oil on our skin to enhance the tan. My Mom warned me. I sure wish I had listened. I suppose I was looking for attention.

I have had to go rather recently to a dermatologist to have areas treated for precancerous areas.

I don’t like my ability to often see danger for myself and others.  

Several weeks ago, some young workmen put in a new driveway. The work took several days. There was lots of pavement dust as the old driveway was broken up and removed. I asked one young man, “Shouldn’t you guys use face masks?”  He replied, “you are the only one who has cared in five years”  

I worked as a Certified Emergency RN for at least 20 years. Usually the doctor would be the one to point out that with some care and protection that they might have avoided the emergency room visit, the scar and the pain. 

More recently, about four young men took down the remaining half of a big dead tree behind my condo. I did not see even one person wearing eye protection.

Please, be careful out there. It is important.

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